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Toddler Dance Workshops

Boogie Boppers

Xpress Yourself proudly presents Boogie Boppers!


Boogie Boppers is a sensory loaded; jiggling rhythmical dancing experience for children aged two to five. Boogie Boppers uses well known stories song and rhyme from different countries and cultures to encourage the personal social and emotional development of children to encourage school readiness, develop musicality and rhythm and promote engagement and enjoyment.

Children acquire knowledge by doing and via reflection on their experiences so when their learning experience is full of movement, imagination, and self-directed play your pupils could benefit from being more actively involved in their learning. By encouraging your nursery pupils to participate in dance that that is fun, inclusive, educational, and appropriate for their age and skill level you are exposing your pupils positively to physical activity hopefully meaning that your pupils will be  more likely to stay active into their adult life.





Boogie Boppers sessions are perfect your Nursery setting as they provide opportunity for your pupils to enjoy child centred dance workshops with experienced dance artists with DBS certificates.  

​Workshops start from £45 for a forty five minute workshop.

​Contact Us to find out how we can work with your schools to create stimulating dance experiences that engage and inspire your pupils through dance and movement.

Benefits of dance for toddlers

Dance workshops for toddlers

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